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 "Parslen ZB432L" is a heterophasic copolymer with an excellent balance of mechanical properties and processability and features an excellent longterm heat-stability. Articles molded with ″Parslen ZB432L″ offer a good balance of stiffness and toughness, good surface properties and a very high resistance to chemicals and crazing. ″Parslen ZB432L″ is largely used for automotive components. It has an antistatic formulation that provides good de-molding properties. This grade is mildly nucleated to prevention of warpage and maximize the stiffness-impact balance.


Processing Method:    

Injection molding



Medium flow

Excellent balance of stiffness/impact strength

Excellent long-term heat-stability

Good heat aging

Low warpage

Typical Applications:      

Battery cases, cooling water compensation reservoirs

Brake fluid reservoirs, wash water reservoirs, dashboard supports and door trim panels

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