Parslen ZB548T



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Parslen ZB548T is a nucleated, antistatic formulated, extra high flow heterophasic copolymer with narrow molecular weight distribution features an excellent balance between easy processing and good impact strength. The main applications of "Parslen EP548T" are margarine tubs, packaging for dairy products, ice cream containers, lids, caps, housewares, toy boxes, flower pots and laundry baskets.
″Parslen ZB548T″ is suitable for food contact.


Processing Method:    

Injection molding



                                     Extra high flows
                                     Very good processability
                                     Good dimensional stability
                                     Unspecified antistatic properties
                                     Very good stiffness and impact balance
                                     Easy mold filling and short cycle times


Typical Applications:      

TWIM/IML food containers
Caps, closures
Flower pots and cool boxes


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