Navid Zar Chimi Industrial Company, polypropylene production facility with 160 KTon/yr capacity has the potential of producing over 100 different grades of homopolymer (MFI = 0.3 - 40), random copolymer (MFI = 1.8 - 25, and bonded ethylene content 1.5 - 3.5%), ethylene block copolymer (MFI = 0.3 - 100, and bonded ethylene content 3.5 - 24.5%) and terpolymer.

The production line consist of:
  • Loop reactors for homo and random polymerization.
  • Gaz phase reactor for block copolymerization with ethylene.
  • Additive metering and extrusion.
  • Bulk haulage.
  • Bagging.

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