Parslen ZH554O

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Polypropylene Homopolymer for Production of Fine Denier Staple Fibers For Nonwoven Thermobonded Fabrics.

Fabrics made with Parslen ZH554O are characterized by softness, textile-like appearance and high tear resistance. The fabrics are particularly suited for the production of fabrics for feminine care products, diapers, incontinence pads, medical disposables, wipes and other applications include filters and fabrics for the automotive, clothing and furniture industry. In comparison with standard Polypropylene types for thermobnding applications, Parslen ZH554O offers some distinct advantages.

  • The processability with the long-spinning technology is outstanding, resulting in high and uniform fiber quality and less down-time.

  • Parslen ZH554O gives a broad thermal bonding window, which facilitates start-up and adjustments of the plant.

  • This grade has better flow properties, and higher elongation than grades with similar applications but lower MFI.

Parslen ZH554O is suitable for food contact.

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