Parslen ZH515MA

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Parslen ZH515MA is a Polypropylene homopolymer developed for the high speed extrusion of transparent cast and blown film.

Parslen ZH515MA is formulated with an effective slip and antiblocking package and is suitable for the extrusion of low thickness films and can be used for films from 15 to 150 µm. In comparison with standard polypropylene types for film production, Parslen ZH515MA allows for faster processing due to its peculiar structure and composition. Films made with Parslen ZH515MA show a good behavior on the winding rolls and in the cutting section and feature a high transparency, a high gloss and a good printability after corona treatment.

Because of their high transparency and good handling properties, films made with Parslen ZH515MA are used for the production of shopping bags and packaging for snacks, bakery products, books, blankets, hosiery and shirts. Another major application is the production of stationery folders. Twines and ropes.

Parslen ZH515MA is suitable for food contact.

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