Parslen ZH520J

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Parslen ZH520J Is a Modified Homopolymere designed for the Very High Speed Production of Coextruded BOPP Films.

Parslen ZH520J has been developed for coextrusion lines with a very high output and linear speed. The product allows an outstanding extrusion stability and thickness variation control, especially on cascade lines. The product provides also a very high drawability and readiness to a two way orientation.

The product contains a reinforced processing stabilisation and a package of slip and antistatic agents but does not contain any antiblocking agents. BOPP films produced with Parslen ZH520J feature good mechanical properties, high impact strength and puncture resistance, even at low temperatures. The films form an excellent barrier against moisture, odours, oils, fats and oxidation and feature high transparency, high gloss and good printability after corona treatment.

The low sealing biaxially oriented coextruded films obtained with Parslen ZH520J can be used for vertical form fill seal and lamination as well as horizontal form fill seal and overwrapping applications, according to the thickness and sealing properties obtained. Coextruded film with a thickness of 20 to 40 µm is used for the automatic packaging of bakery products, snacks and pasta as well as for the overwrapping of boxes and cigarette packets.

Parslen ZH520J is suitable for food contact.

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