Parslen ZH550J

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Polypropylene Homopolymer for Extrusion of Sheets for Thermoforming, Film Yarn and Monofilament.

Parslen ZH550J combines outstanding processability with good mechanical properties. Parslen ZH550J is designed to produce stiff sheet for high quality thermoformings such as vending cups, packaging for dairy products and trays for fruit, biscuits and chocolates. Parslen ZH550J is also particularly suitable to produce film yarn, with both cast and tubular processes. Textile film yarns with a denier count of not more than 1100 to 1200 and are used for the production of carpet backings, bags, industrial fabrics, mats and artificial grass.

Film yarn with a denier count ranging from 3000 to 28000 is used for baler twines, packaging twines and ropes. Parslen ZH550J is also well suited for production of monofilament used for instance for brush and broom filling and technical applications. Another typical application of Parslen ZH550J is the extrusion of nets for various purposes.

Parslen ZH550J is suitable for food contact.

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